Summer 2021 News from MBNLA

by | Jul 11, 2021 | News & Events, Newsletters

Our Summer 2021 Newsletter issue is designed and ready for distribution.

Have a read through the wide variety of articles to stay informed on MBNLA activities, a message from President Chris Spicer, information on the Board nomination process, a membership spotlight featuring Jordan Hiebert, details on the province’s apprenticeship program, CNLA articles, and a board report, including this excerpt:

“Greetings MBNLA members! Where have the past 7 months gone? By all accounts, business has been brisk for most of the green profession since early February. Stay-at-home orders have caused many to spend their disposable income where they are spending most of their time – at home!

Household renovations inside and out have created unprecedented demand for products and services related to home and yard improvements. This, in turn, has caused major supply shortages and shipping delays associated with many of the products required to meet their project needs. Fortunately, most MBNLA members have been the beneficiaries of this increased spending.”

If you are a MBNLA member, log in to our website using your login credentials to download a copy:

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Happy reading!

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