Spring 2022 News from MBNLA

by | Apr 9, 2022 | News & Events, Newsletters

Our Spring 2022 Newsletter issue is designed and ready for distribution.

It contains a wide variety of articles to stay informed about MBNLA activities, including a message from President Chad Labbe, a quarterly recap from our Board of Directors regarding current programming, as well as reports about CNLA and MBNLA’s Garden Centre Committee, an MBNLA Member Spotlight featuring Lee Klassen, an interview with a youth work experience participant, and an entire section on Apprenticeship training.

The Board of Directors report contains the following excerpt:

    “Record snow, cold temperatures, terrible road conditions, and a likely record number of highway and school closures tested us all this past winter. It’s what gives Manitoba winters the reputation they have and that’s why Manitobans themselves are known as ‘hardy folks.’ Still, spring is imminent and with it we look forward to 2022 being Canada’s Year of the Garden. Canadians are being encouraged to plant numerous types of theme gardens (https://livethegardenlife.gardenscanada.ca/). Anything to do with gardening is good news for our profession. With this in mind, regardless of the type of garden you may be planting, consider the addition of some yellow and blue in honour of the people of Ukraine.”

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Happy reading!

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