Spring 2021 News from MBNLA

by | Apr 11, 2021 | News & Events, Newsletters

Our Spring 2021 Newsletter issue is designed and ready for distribution.

Have a read through the wide variety of articles to stay informed on MBNLA activities, our survey results, a membership spotlight featuring Keith Lemkey, info on MBNLA advocacy initiatives, CNLA meeting reports, a message from President Chris Spicer, and a board report, including this excerpt:

“Winter had only really just begun when MBNLA’s winter newsletter was being published. Although we were all work and/or housebound due to COVID restrictions for a good period of the winter, we were fortunate that with the exception of a two-week deep freeze in February, the weather was actually conducive to enjoying outdoor activities.

Loosened local COVID restrictions and extensive travel restrictions appear to have set up the local green profession for another exceptional year of sales for all things green-related. Although there may still be some challenges, using last year’s experiences as a guide, should allow everyone to be better prepared for this year.”

If you are a MBNLA member, log in to our website using your login credentials to download a copy:

MBNLA Website Login for members (click the Newsletters button after logging in)

Happy reading!

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