As business owners, we understand safety is important. However, many of us don’t know where to start developing a safety program or become overwhelmed with the process. Others believe they are legally compliant if they have new employees watch safety videos on their first day of work, complete weekly update meetings or hand out safety equipment to employees. In truth, there is much more to it than that.

A safety program defines your company’s safety culture and emphasizes your intent to improve employee safety and comply with Workplace Safety and Health requirements. Once you develop your safety program, don’t simply store it in a filing cabinet never to be seen again. Share it with all your employees so they understand its role in improving safety, increasing efficiency and company success.

Bring your safety program to life. Safety meetings, training sessions and audit procedures emphasize the role of safety as part of your company’s culture, employee work routines and procedural expectations.
Routinely evaluate your safety program just like other key performance indicators such as sales, profit or gross margin. Based upon your review, make the required changes at the employee, procedure or organizational level to continue to improve safety results.

Ensuring you are compliant with Workplace Safety and Health requirements and tailoring your safety program to your company and type of business is task that can leave you wondering where to start. Luckily you do not have to go it alone.

To help our members develop this critical piece for their businesses, Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association (MBNLA) has partnered with 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions, a Winnipeg-based company and leader in the safety industry. Their proprietary software solution, mySafetyAssistant, allows you to tailor your safety program to fit your company’s needs and continue to manage it easily.

1Life Workplace Safety Solutions’ special pricing for MBNLA members is structured to help you save on your safety program costs. Discounts start at 10% and increase as enrollment by MBNLA members grows. Recognizing the seasonality of our industry, additional discounts are available to members who experience shut down periods throughout the year.

Get your workplace safety program in place quickly with a little help with a Simpler Easier Consultation. Your 1Life safety consultant will work closely with you to learn about your business, customize your safety program to fit your needs and get it in place in days rather than months.

Already have a safety program? Learn how mySafetyAssistant can help simplify and organize your existing program to save you time and money and let you focus on running your business.

Commit to health and safety today and protect your greatest resource — your people.

Implementing our safety program has brought positive change to our organization. The biggest change I have noticed is that people are more alert to potential problems and corrective action is taken. Staff have and continue to participate in the creation of the program. Staff and management really like mySafety app which takes most of the paper records out of the everyday work-site.

Aaron, Szuck, RSE, CLT, Alladins Landscaping

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