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To develop and promote the landscape and horticultural industry in Manitoba

Code of Conduct

  • To dedicate myself and my business to the advancement of all matters aiding the development and improvement of my vocation and the industry.
  • To conduct myself and my business in a fair and just manner at all times, and to condemn unfair trade practices.
  • To practice fundamental honesty, which is the foundation of all worthwhile endeavours.
  • To advance my education as a professional in the landscape and nursery industry.
  • To make no false claims in advertising my products or services.
  • To foster every movement toward a higher standard in growth, installation and care of landscape products & services so that the consumer will be offered only true to name, first quality products and services.
The Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association, MBNLA, is a provincial association dedicated to advancing the interests of horticulture and landscape professionals. MBNLA is a non-profit organization whose members are businesses and individuals committed to promoting awareness of environmental horticulture and upholding the highest standards of the nursery and landscape industry.

The Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association formed in 1957 when a number of forward-thinking “Nurserymen” as they called themselves, after a series of meetings, over a number of years, decided to form an association which would be a means of “helping each other and providing assistance to others”. As part of this process, they identified advantages to be gained as the result of the formation of a Nurseryman’s Association. Not much different than today, the advantages identified were networking and sharing of information, education and research, “trade practice rules”, publicity and government advocacy.

Aware of the ever-changing needs of the industry, the association has expanded its reach to include other segments of the industry to include landscape contractors and designers, retail garden centres and greenhouses, and maintenance companies.

Being a member of any group, association or organization has its benefits. MBNLA is no different. By joining MBNLA and by extension the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association provides you with individual benefits and advantages as the result of being part of a larger group. Whether it be member savings programs, networking, advocacy or education the more members in the group the better leverage both politically and financially that the group has which benefits you the individual.

Stay Connected

Become part of something big! Join MBNLA and stay connected with experts, business owners and tradesman throughout the industry.

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Members of MBNLA can enjoy many benefits including access to exclusive discounts, services, information and much more.

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Membership with MBNLA gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the industry with helpful information and expert advise.

Honorary Life Members

The following MBNLA members have been anointed Honorary Life Members of MBNLA for both their personal achievements and their contributions to the local nursery, garden centre, and landscape sectors.
  • Dr. Wm Cumming – Morden Research Station, researcher (1955 until retirement). Honorary Life Member, 1984-deceased.
  • Walter Shelmerdine – Shelmerdine, founder and owner. Honorary Life Member, 1984-deceased.
  • Bronson Stevenson – Stevenson Evergreen Nursery, owner (Morris). Honorary Life Member, 1987-deceased.
  • Andrew Young – Portage Plains Nursery, owner (Portage). Honorary Life Member, 1994-deceased.
  • Russell Boughen – Boughens Nurseries, owner (Valley River, retired to Dauphin). Honorary Life Member, 1994-deceased.
  • Professor Louis Lenz – University of Manitoba, professor. Honorary Life Member, 1995.
  • Mel McEwen – McEwen Brothers. Honorary Life Member, 1994-deceased.
  • Carl Pederson – Shelmerdine Nursery and Garden Centre, owner (Winnipeg). Honorary Life Member, 1997-deceased.
  • Jake Driedger – Patmore Nursery, owner (retired). Honorary Life Member, 1998.
  • Lawrence Aubin – Aubin Nurseries, owner. Honorary Life Member, 2006-deceased.
  • Ed Gusta – Gusta Sod Farms, owner. Honorary Life Member, 2007.
  • Jake Penner – Penndale Nursery, owner. Honorary Life Member, 2008-deceased.
  • Ernie Kackenhoff – Kackenhoff Nursery, owner. Honorary Life Member, 2009.

If you are unsure of which category you or your organization fall under, please contact the MBNLA office ( for direction, prior to signing up and paying.

If you are signing up as a new member sometime after the end of October and want immediate access to member benefits please contact the office at for more information prior to signing up.