Member Benefits

Grow your business. Join Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association.

Why belong? That is the question potential members ask themselves when considering joining a professional organization. The benefits of belonging to any professional organization are both tangible and intangible.

Your membership with MBNLA and by extension the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association provides a number of tangible benefits including Member Savings Programs for vehicles, equipment, tires, insurance, fuel, work clothing and travel to name a few. Furthermore, MBNLA members receive complimentary issues of Landscape Trades magazine, MBNLA newsletters, member rates for MBNLA events, provincial and national awards of excellence recognition, and events such as the Grow Conference and Holiday dinner and educational certification opportunities. Nonetheless, it is often the intangible benefits that members and potential members have difficulty quantifying.

Intangible benefits include government advocacy provincially and federally on issues such as pesticide and fertilizer use, temporary foreign worker programs, employment insurance, the plant protection act, education, urban forestry issues, apprenticeship training and more. There is strength in numbers and more members equate to more resources and greater leverage to represent the profession on these critical issues.

Join fellow professionals in striving to maximize your personal growth and business potential.

Make personal connections

This one is fairly obvious. In the great race to the top who you know matters and Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association is filled with potential contacts. As a member, you have the chance to connect and create relationships, strengthen ties with colleagues and clients and make long-term beneficial connections.

Tap into knowledge

Continuing education and professional development is key if you want to succeed. Gain access to workshops, seminars and classes, as well as, the opportunity to learn from other members. Peer-to-peer-learning and potential mentorship opportunities allow members to pool their knowledge and take advantage of each other’s experiences.

Learn best practices

All segments of the horticulture and landscape industry have best practices specific to them. Ignorance of, or not following, best practices can pose a serious business and reputational risk. Tap into Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association as a resource for learning those best practices for your particular segment of the industry.

Increase your purchasing power

There is strength in numbers. As part of Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association, you have direct access to the combined purchasing power of 3,800 association members across the country.

Gain political clout and expertise

We bring everyone together, turning one small voice into a persuasive, collective shout. Even if you don’t actively participate in lobbying efforts, your membership helps fund those efforts.