Plants Love You!

In an increasingly economically and socially stressful world, and with an increasing environmental consciousness and effort to adapt to climate change, a new campaign is taking root to spread the message of the myriad benefits of plants. “Plants Love You” is a movement initiated by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) aimed at increasing awareness of the positive impacts that plants have on our health, environment, and communities.

The campaign highlights the profound relationship between humans and plants, emphasizing their role in creating healthier and more vibrant spaces for living, working, and thriving.

What can I do to help nurture a cleaner and greener planet?
Plants are your answer!

Plants have long been known for their aesthetic appeal, but their benefits extend beyond mere decoration. Research indicates that incorporating plants into indoor and outdoor spaces can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Plants are crucial in mitigating climate change by offsetting heat islands in urban areas and improving air quality.

“At its core, the campaign wants us to think about all the amazing things plants do for us,” said Anita Heuver, CNLA’s Vice President and Communications Committee Chair.

“From purifying the air we breathe to enhancing mental well-being and fostering biodiversity, plants possess a remarkable capacity to improve the quality of life for humans in our urban spaces.”

The campaign highlights the economic, environmental, and social benefits of plants. From influencing property values to shaping consumer behaviour and community development, plants play a pivotal role in our lives. By adopting the “Plants Love You” slogan, the ornamental horticulture industry aims to showcase the numerous ways in which plants contribute to our collective well-being.

“By fostering a deeper appreciation for the intrinsic value of plants, the campaign encourages individual actions, such as planting trees and cultivating green spaces,” Heuver continued. “It is telling us to appreciate plants more and to take better care of them because they’re amazing. The ‘Plants Love You’ campaign will be an invaluable resource for our CNLA members, equipping them with the tools to champion the transformative power of plants to their clients and communities alike.”

Gloria Beck, owner of Parkland Garden Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, is excited to incorporate the Plants Love You logo and messaging in her promotional materials for the upcoming gardening season.

“Whether it’s social media, newsletters, broadcasts, or our annual Garden Guide publication, ‘Plants Love You’ is going to be the springboard to all of our marketing,” Beck said.

“‘Plants Love You’ aligns so much with the various aspects of what we’re already writing about and promoting, such as air purification, food growing, and the benefits plants have in improving mental health,” she added.

“People are realizing how much better they feel while working in a garden or taking a walk in nature.”

As part of the campaign, the CNLA encourages individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace plants as integral components of a sustainable and flourishing future. By fostering a deeper appreciation for their value, “Plants Love You” seeks to inspire action toward creating greener, healthier, and more vibrant environments for all.

Join the conversation and spread the love for plants using the hashtag #PlantsLoveYou.

MBNLA members are encouraged to incorporate Plants Love You in promotional
activities. Files can be downloaded and used as is or modified to fit local campaigns.

Learn more about how to get involved.


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