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Board of Directors/MBNLA & CNLA Committees

Directors and committee members of Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association (MBNLA) and Canadian Nursery Landscape Association commit themselves to ethical, businesslike and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and decorum when acting as Board members. Accordingly, Directors and committee members must be able to represent unconflicted loyalty to the interests of all MBNLA members. This accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalty such as to advocacy or interest groups, and membership on other boards. It also supersedes the personal interest of any Director or committee member acting as a consumer of MBNLA’s services.

The core competencies that ideally will be reflected in the Board or committee as a whole are:

  1. Commitment and capacity (time, energy, expertise) to fulfill the commitment as a Director or committee member
  2. Knowledge about roles and responsibilities of a Director or committee member, Board and Staff
  3. Experience in formulating policy
  4. Experience in thinking strategically
  5. Business background and knowledge as an owner, manager or volunteer leader
  6. Ability to identify principal business risks and ensure implementation of appropriate systems to manage those risks
  7. Knowledge or organizational performance mechanisms and ability to monitor, evaluate and report
  8. Ethical and values based behavior
  9. Representative of member population

Individuals who are at least eighteen years of age, who have the power under law to contract, and who are a resident of Manitoba as that term is defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada) may be nominated for election as a Director. Employees or contract employees of MBNLA are not eligible to be nominated for election as a Director.

Board of Director/Committee Member Nomination

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    Please describe your related experience or knowledge in the following areas. It is not expected that all candidates or Directors will possess experience/knowledge in all areas.
  • Include what you would like MBNLA members to know regarding your candidacy; skills, experiences, why you would like to serve on the Board, etc. This statement, as received, or extracts of may be communicated to the members as required.
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