Welcome to Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association

The Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association, MBNLA, is a provincial association dedicated to advancing the interests of horticulture and landscape professionals. MBNLA is a nonprofit organization whose members are businesses and individuals committed to promoting awareness of environmental horticulture and upholding the highest standards of the nursery and landscape industry.

Our History

Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association owes its roots to a few forward-thinking individuals who first organized themselves as the Manitoba Nurserymen’s Association (MNA) in 1957. Aware of the ever-changing needs of the industry, the association has expanded its reach to include other segments of the industry to include landscape contractors and designers, retail garden centres and greenhouses, and maintenance companies.

MBNLA Values

We are:

  • Knowledgeable – We pride ourselves in the strong and continually expanding knowledge base we are able to share with our members.
  • Progressive – We seek to discover and share emerging knowledge and techniques in our sector to enable member success.
  • Collaborative – Our members come together in a spirit of sharing and collaboration with the intention of strengthening the sector in Manitoba. We improve through collective action.
  • Accountable – We are accountable to our members for the work they entrust us to perform on their behalf and we are accountable to the public for the quality of the information we share with the community.
  • Environmentally Conscious – We are aware of the challenges associated with environmental sustainability and are proud to assist our members to be part of the solution.

We are committed to:

  • Integrity – We say and communicate what we are going to do and we do what we say with the resources provided and we do it on time.
  • Diversity – We value diversity in our staffing and professional development activities.
  • Value-added – We exist only to serve the needs of our members. We do so with a professional approach. MBNLA members get more out of MBNLA than they put in.

MBNLA Value Proposition

  • MBNLA welcomes and encourages the involvement of the full scope of product and service providers in the Landscape Horticulture sector. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to a wide range of member needs.
  • MBNLA embraces a strong culture of mutual communication and learning supported by frequent and regular member events and networking opportunities.
  • MBNLA engages in collective action to improve the success of member businesses, especially through advocacy with regulators and the larger institutional clients of our members’ businesses.
  • MBNLA provides or enables a wide range of professional training opportunities and assists its members to stay abreast of emerging knowledge and techniques.
  • MBNLA has a recognized and credible awards program.
  • MBNLA offers its members a large array of money-saving member benefits.

– MBNLA Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Association is governed by its Board of Directors, which includes three officers: President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and four at-large directors, all of whom are elected by Association’s members.